Sunday, May 26, 2013

Empty Chairs and Empty Tables

Crowded airports, crowded swimming pools,
crowded rollercoasters’ lines.
But empty schools.

Crowded night clubs, crowded bars,
Times Square crowded.
But empty parks.

Crowded battle fields, crowded hospitals,
crowded refugee camps.
But empty streets.
Empty tables at that empty restaurant,
where they used to meet.
Empty chairs at that empty table,
where they used to sit.
Empty chairs because they aren’t there.
And they will never be again.
Alone in this world, now I am, no more friends.

They’re all dead.

Monday, May 13, 2013


A tearjerker is a film that makes us cry, gives us goose bumps and lets us cry our hearts out. We can burst into tears or get misty-eyed, but everybody likes a tearjerker: teenagers, old people, adults, girls… and even boys!

Here’s a list of movies that can (and possibly will) make you cry:

The Little Princess

A girl who lives in India returns to England, her homeland, with her dad. He's in the army and has to fight in the war. The girl goes to the school where her mother studied and her father suffers an accident while fighting. He doesn't remember anything about his little corageous girl, who shows every girl is a princess.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

A boy who is really close to his dad loses him in the 9/11 attacks. To find something that will bring him closer to his dad again, he searches, in the huge New York City, for someone called Black. Will he find this mysterious person and discover the secret of an old key?

The Blind Side

Michael is an African- American boy who is adopted by the Tuohy Family. He starts going to a "white people" school, but he gets bad grades. Mrs. Tuohy hires a private teacher, to help Michael. Then, he discovers that he plays soccer very well. Now, he can get a scholarship to Ole Mis. Unfortunately, he has to get better grades to get it.