Thursday, April 26, 2012


Now, Mary can run faster and for much longer and can skip up to a hundred with the skipping rope. The sky continued blue and she worked a lot in her new garden. The bulbs were growing faster and faster, fascinating Mary everyday.
During this week, Mary became more friendlier with Ben Weatherstaff they talked with the robin and about gardens. Ben said he liked roses and Mary asked lots of things about gardens. "It is very suspicious", he thought. 
Mary walked through the moor. Then she met Dickon. He was strange and had a snub nose. Mary showed him the robin and the secret garden.

Friday, April 20, 2012

"The strangest house any one ever lived in"

Mary worked in her new garden. She tried to help the bulbs "breathe".
In the afternoon, Mary talked to Martha. The young maid said Dickon could help the girl to organize the garden. Martha also said Dickon could buy some seeds for Mary. The yellow-faced girl loved the idea and Martha dictated a letter (that Mary wrote) to Dickon.

Friday, April 13, 2012

"The robin who showed the way"

Mary kept the key, so she would be prepared for when she found the garden door.
Mary meets Martha the next   morning. Mary couldn't understand how the girl could be happy waking up at four o' clock and helping her mother the whole day. The young maid says her brothers and sisters liked hearing about Mary and India.
Martha gives Mary a present: a skipping rope. The Indian girl had never seen anything like that before. She began trying to skip and then, she could skip until ten!
Mary meets Ben and shows him the present.
The girl followed the cute robin, which was now her friend. Mary thought that what happened after was magic. The wind made the plant curtain move and Mary saw the garden door. Then, she turned the key and opened the door. 
She was inside the secret garden.

"The key to the garden"

The next day, the sky was blue and beautiful. There was no rain anymore.Mary says to Martha that she likes the maid's mother and her brother, Dickon. The yellow-faced girl also says she would like to see their cottage. Martha says spring time's coming.
Mary meets Ben Weatherstaff and his robin. The robin shows Mary where the Secret Garden's key is.