Friday, August 17, 2012

"In the Garden"

When Mr. Archibald Craven stopped to rest near a lake, he thought about the Secret Garden, where he was happy with his wife. He started to think about Misselthwaite Manor, that he should return.
One night, Mr. Craven dreamed about his dead wife and the garden. In the morning after that, he decided to return to Yorkshire, when he read a letter from Dickon's mother.
On the journey back to England, Mr. Craven thought about Colin and his first days of life. He stopped near the Sowerby's cottage, to talk to Mrs. Susan, but she wasn't there.
When Mr. Archibald Craven arrived at Misselthwaite, he talked to Mrs. Medlock. The old woman said Colin was different and strange. She told to Mr. Craven that the boy was in the gardens.
The man walked through the manor, and stood in front of the Garden's door. He heard laughter and feet running. Then, a boy passed through the door and fell into his arms. Mr. Craven was astonished: the boy in his arms was young, strong and lively. The boy in his arms was his son. They talked about the garden.
And they returned from the garden. And all the servants were surprised when they saw the scene: Colin was walking, happily and healthily.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

"'It's Mother!'"

While Mary, Dickon, Ben and Colin worked in the garden, the young rajah talked about Magic and his discoveries. Then, he stood up and felt the sun on his body. Dickon started to sing a song thanking God. Everybody sang it twice and, in the last line, a woman entered the garden. She was Mrs. Susan Sowerby, Dickon's mother.
The woman said Colin looked like his mother and that his legs would be the strongest in the whole world. She also said Mary would be beautiful as her mother, like a rose.
They talked and walked through the garden. Colin asked Mrs. Sowerby if she believed in Magic. She said she did. Colin admired Dickon's mother the rest of the afternoon, wishing she was his mother too. And Mrs. Sowerby said, that Colin's mother would probably be there, in the Garden, looking after him.