Friday, June 29, 2012

"When the sun went down"

Colin asked Mary to go meet Ben Weatherstaff and show him the entrance to the garden. While this, the young Rajah promised himself he would walk. He asked Dickon for help, and when Ben arrived in the garden, Colin was standing in front of him. Colin tried to walk. Then, he learned how to plant a tree and, when the sun went down, Colin continuated to walk. And to laugh.

"Ben Weatherstaff"

In the Secret Garden Colin felt he would live forever. It seemed that the whole world was perfect for just a boy. Dickon, Mary and even Colin spoke with "a bit o' good Yorkshire" accent. Mary and Dickon worked a little in the garden and showed it to Colin. They saw the robin building his nest.
Then, the young rajah saw a man. This man was Ben Weatherstaff. He was watching them from a ladder near the wall from the garden. The old man was surprised. He had heard rumours about Colin, that he was a hunchback, but they were lies. Colin was just a palid thin boy.
Ben said he took care of the garden nobody was allowed to go in it. He said that before Mrs. Craven died, she asked him to look after the garden.

Friday, June 22, 2012

"'I shall live forever- and ever- and ever!'"

Colin needed to wait more than a week to go outside the house. Some days looked very windy and sometimes he looked a bit ill. Regardless of the weather, Dickon came every day to tell Mary and Colin about the moor and the garden. They planned the way that they would make to go to the garden.
Everybody in Misselthwaite knew about Colin going outside. Mr. Roach, the head-gardener, talked to Colin. The young Rajah said he didn't want anyone in the garden while he, Mary and Dickon were there, and Mr. Roach agreed.

The day after , Colin sat on his wheelchair and Dickon and Mary went to the moor with the Rajah. They showed him everything and about how  Mary discovered the secret garden's door. Then, Mary showed Colin the door and they went into the garden. And Colin realised, he would live forever and ever and ever.

"It has come!"

Colin's doctor came to Misselthwaite Manor. Mrs. Medlock told him that Mary made Colin feel better. Then, doctor Craven (he was Colin's cousin too) entered the boy's bedroom. Mary was talking about the bulbs and flowers in the garden and when the doctor arrived there, she stopped. Colin said to the doctor that in one or two days he would go outside the house.
Doctor Craven was shocked. He couldn't belive the boy in front of him was saying something like that. Doctor Craven said Colin should go out with Mary AND his nurse, but the boy didn't want to. He said Mary and Dickon would take care of him. No nurses or other people. The doctor agreed.
The next day, Colin woke up happy. Happy about everything. Then, Mary entered his room and said springtime arrived. She said the garden was beautiful.
After Colin and his cousin had breakfast, he said to his nurse that Dickon would come and he should go to his bedroom imediatelly.

When Martha's brother arrived, Colin was impressed. The three children talked for hours and hours and they saw Colin's books.He said he would see the garden and Mary said he certainly would.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"'Tha' munnot waste no time!'"

Mary didn't wake up early. She was extremly tired. Martha brought her breakfast and told her Colin was a little bit ill. He wanted to see his cousin. The young maid said Mary was very corageous, when she was in Colin's bedroom the night before.
Some minutes later, Mary was in Colin's bedroom.Mary said she was going to meet Dickon in the garden. Colin said he dreamed about the Secret Garden.
Then, Colin's cousin went to the garden. Dickon found two new friends: they were two squirrels. Mary told the boy about her cousin's tantrum and Dickon felt sorry for Colin. Dickon wanted Colin to go outside the house and see the garden. Mary tried to speak with a Yorkshire accent.

The young girl returned to Colin's bedroom and talked with him about her day. Then, he said sorry for his tantrum and Mary said her cousin could go outside the house, to meet Dickon and his friends and see the garden.

Friday, June 01, 2012

"A tantrum"

Mary was sleeping when Colin had a tantrum. Everybody was running up and down the house. Colin's nurse asked Mary to make the young rajah stop. He was yelling, and shouting, and screaming.
Mary was furious. She got into her cousin's room and screamed too. She said she hated Colin and that, if he shouted again, she would do it too.
Then, Colin said he saw a lump on is back and Mary, furiously, ordered the nurse to show her her cousin's back. The little girl said there was nothing, just Colin's backbone.
Mary and his cousin agreed Colin would go outside the house with his cousin and Dickon. Mary sang to the young rajah a song that her Ayah would sing to her.
Colin and the girl were no longer fighting.

"'I won't' said Mary"

After lunch time, Mary asked Martha to tell Colin she couldn't stay with him that afternoon- Dickon and Mary had lots of work to do. She returned to the garden and finished her work.
Then, she came home and met Martha. The young maid said Colin was vexed. Mary went to Colin's bedroom. He was in his bed, not in the sofa next to the window, where he used to stay. Colin said he wouldn't allow Dickon come if his cousin continuated to stay with Martha's brother and not with him. 
Mary was annoyed. She and Colin fought and Mary said she would never say anything with Colin, not even a word. 
She left her cousin's room and met Colin's nurse, who was laughing. She said the fight was good for him.
Mary recieved, from Mr. Craven, some presents. If she hadn't fought with her cousin, she would have them to show him.