Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Nest building"

The whole rainy week passed quickly for Mary. She passed hours and hours talking about gardens and rajahs with Colin. He showed her his coloured books.The girl though her cousin would be healthier if he met Dickon, the pretty robin and see the gardens.
Some days after, Mary woke up early. She met Dickon in the Secret Garden and they observed the things growing. Mary talked with Dickon about Colin, and they concluded it would be good for "the rajah" if he saw the gardens. Dickon asked Mary if she saw that the robin and his mate were building a nest.

"A young rajah"

It was a rainy day. Mary told Martha about Colin. The young maid was a little scared. She asked Mary how did Colin reacted, if he was vexed.Mary said he wasn't.
The girl asked why Colin was always saying he would die. Martha answered, everybody thought the boy would be like his father, a hunchback.Mary asked Dickon's sister if she thought Colin would die. Martha replied that he was always ill and does nothing.She told Mary about a episode of when he got really annoyed and vexed.
Then, Mary went to Colin's bedroom. She told him about a rajah, a rich boy from India that ordered everyone to do what he wanted. She also mentioned Dickon and talked about him to Colin, without telling him about the Secret Garden. Mary said Colin could go outside the house, but he didn't want to. He said he would die soon.
Then, Mrs. Medlock entered "the young rajah's" room accompained by a doctor.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

" I am Colin"

Mary heard the cry in the corridor, that she had heard before. Now, she was certain it wasn't the wind.
She walked through the corridors and rooms. Then, she entered into a large room, "with ancient, handsome furniture in it".
The cry came from a thin boy. He looked very ill, but cried like someone tired, not ill. He asked Mary if she was a ghost or something. Then, she said she wasn't and they discovered they were cousins. The boy's name was Colin Craven.
They talked about the garden nobody could go in (The Secret Garden), and Mary told him a lot about gardening tools and how she "imaginated" it.

Colin said the whole time he would die soon. He showed Mary a picture of his mother, that looked like his cousin.They agreed that this meeting (and the others) would be a secret.

Friday, May 11, 2012

"Might I have a bit of earth"

Mary talked with Martha about Dickon. Then, Martha asked Mary where she was going to plant the seeds that Dickon had brought. Mary didn't know as she hadn't asked anyone yet for permission.
Then, Mrs. Meddlock came into Mary's bedroom and told her that her uncle wanted to see her, Mary was nervous.
Mr. Craven asked her if she wanted to have a nanny or a governess and she said she didn't want either. Her uncle said that was what Martha's mother had said to him. In the end of the conversation, Mary asked if she could have a little bit of earth, to plant her seeds, and Mr. Craven said she could do whatever she wanted.
Mary was excited. She could have her Secret Garden.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

"The nest of the missel thrush"

Mary showed Dickon the Secret Garden. He was fascinated.
He showed Mary that the garden wasn't completely dead, as she had imagined. There were some dead trees, but some were very alive.
They were excited and wanted to go from tree to tree to see if the trees were dead or not. 
The children worked a lot in the garden. They agreed to meet there every day, even if it was raining. They wanted the garden to look beautiful.
Dickon sang "Mistress Mary quite contrary", but Mary wasn't annoyed. She liked it. They had a lot of fun together.

Then, Mary realized that day was the best day in her life and she would never forget it.