Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thank you for the company

I’ve never met you. I mean, I have, but not truly in person. Moreover I know you have no idea of who I am.

I’ve never really talked to you, but I’ve heard your thoughts, I imagined what you were feeling, how would I act if I were you.  I, many times, disagreed with your decisions; found them stupid, because maybe I knew how everything was going to end up.

I may, at first sight, have fallen in love with you, because of how you looked – I know, superficial, I shouldn’t judge anyone based on looks. Or because of something you said, some song you sang, an act you acted. I somehow connected to you, or felt I was your lost twin, or lost soulmate, or maybe because we are almost the same. We agree about the same things, because we think the same things, and, as time went by, I thought we would be inseparable.

However, depending on who you are, I may also have misjudged you in the very beginning, because you didn’t look pretty, or you didn’t have a British accent, or because I just thought you weren’t at all good, since I couldn’t see the whole you. Furthermore I may have then wished you would be dead. Sorry for that.

I mean, I spent days talking about you to my friends, my family, even to unknown people. I didn’t sleep, just so I could see you. I sometimes waited almost two years to meet you again. One year. Six months.

Then, we met weekly. Or daily, when I could literally see you anywhere.

However you, out of nowhere, suddenly disappeared from my life. It wasn’t me, it was you. You just simply decided you should move far away from here and live happily ever after. Or you killed yourself. Or you were unfairly killed. Or you just simply asked someone to tell me you were gone. How could you abandon me so easily?

How could you, after months, years, leave me with nothing, but the sweet memories we had together? How could you?

I’ve always wished you well, looked up to you.  Now I won’t see you ever again and it breaks my heart, because you made me cry and laugh like nobody else did.

So I’d like to thank you, for all the good moments, when you made me stop in time, or travel through history and for all the times you cheered me up.

For the reason that there are just a few pages left for the book to end or because the season finale is tomorrow.

Thank you Emma Woodhouse, for all your matchmaking, your scheming, all your erroneous thoughts, which I could so clearly understand when you couldn’t.

Thank you Matthew Crawley and Lady Sybil for your sweetness, changing nobility’s habits and for making me immerse in your gorgeous blue eyes. I thank you Dowager, for your irony towards everything. Thank you Mary, for making me realize I’m exactly like you, but in the same time so different.

Thank you Pi,  for all your observations about boats and stuff.

At last, I’d like to thank you, beloved character, who is reading this and wondering why your name isn’t here. The thing is, I love you just as much as the ones who were previously quoted, as well as the ones who weren’t. However, the problem is, this small farewell would turn into a bible of goodbyes, which would lead me terribly to an infinite sea of tears.

So thank you, characters of all types, shows and chapters. Thank you for all the company you keep, and the space you’ll always have in my heart.