Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Between Blackeberries an' Apples

Boy: “Hey Nono, look at the Xbox father gave me!”

Grandpa: “Don’t you have enough money to buy a dozen eggs? They’re truly cheap!”

Boy: “No, Nono! It’s an Xbox, not an ‘Eggs box’! Do you want to play with me?”

Grandpa: "Of course! Let's get some spoons and race who will arrive at the backyard first without letting the spoon with the egg fall from our mouths!”

Boy: “Uh, Grandpa, I’ve already said it’s an Xbox, not an eggs box. We play it with a sensor and with the TV.”

Grandpa: “Well, in my time TVs didn’t use to carry a spoon, but if yours can do it, it’s ok, it can take part of the race too.”

Boy: “Noooo, Nono, forget it, I’ll show you something in my MacBook from Apple.”

Grandpa: “How did an apple do a book about McDonald’s?”

Boy: “It’s a laptop from Apple, you know, Steve Jobs, Macintosh system?”

Grandpa: “Oh boy, you really don’t know A THING about apples! Let’s go to the market, I’ll show you what it is!”

Boy: “Nono, I know what an apple is. I’m talking about the BRAND Apple, whose creator was Steve Jobs!”

Grandpa: “Oh my god, what are children learning in school today? They don’t even know what an apple is! Have you ever heard the quote ‘an apple a day, keeps the doctor away?’”

Boy: “Yes, sir, mom always tells me that. That type of apple grows in trees, but my laptop comes from an Apple factory.”

Grandpa: “Son, I can certainly tell you people still produce apples in trees not in factories!”

Boy:”Uh! Ok, whatever, I’ll get my Blackberry.”

Grandpa: “Do you have only one? As I remember, we buy thousands of them in the market.”

Boy: “It’s my cell phone, Grandpa!”

Grandpa: “Do you call your mobile Blackberry? What a strange name for such a thing!”

Boy: “No, it’s the cell phone’s brand. Like, the mobile comes from a Blackberry factory.”

Grandpa: “Oh my, you and this story again! Fruits DO NOT come from factories!”

Boy: “Uh, just forget it Nono, I’ll talk to Sarah about our date.”

Grandpa: “What’s wrong with it? Did you have to divide it with her? Such a small thing? I’ll go and talk to your father, you really need more pocket money! You can’t even buy some eggs and some dates!”

Boy: “There’s nothing wrong with my pocket money Nono, Sarah and I, we'll go to the cinema, have a date."

Grandpa: “Wait, you’ll go to the cinema and then to the market, to buy a date? Can you please get me some bananas too? I’ll ask your mother to bake a pie!”

Boy: “Whatever, don’t worry, I’ll buy some bananas. Bye Nono!”

Grandpa: “Bye! And don’t forget your date! We’re in season now!”