Saturday, May 19, 2012

" I am Colin"

Mary heard the cry in the corridor, that she had heard before. Now, she was certain it wasn't the wind.
She walked through the corridors and rooms. Then, she entered into a large room, "with ancient, handsome furniture in it".
The cry came from a thin boy. He looked very ill, but cried like someone tired, not ill. He asked Mary if she was a ghost or something. Then, she said she wasn't and they discovered they were cousins. The boy's name was Colin Craven.
They talked about the garden nobody could go in (The Secret Garden), and Mary told him a lot about gardening tools and how she "imaginated" it.

Colin said the whole time he would die soon. He showed Mary a picture of his mother, that looked like his cousin.They agreed that this meeting (and the others) would be a secret.

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