Thursday, June 21, 2012

"'Tha' munnot waste no time!'"

Mary didn't wake up early. She was extremly tired. Martha brought her breakfast and told her Colin was a little bit ill. He wanted to see his cousin. The young maid said Mary was very corageous, when she was in Colin's bedroom the night before.
Some minutes later, Mary was in Colin's bedroom.Mary said she was going to meet Dickon in the garden. Colin said he dreamed about the Secret Garden.
Then, Colin's cousin went to the garden. Dickon found two new friends: they were two squirrels. Mary told the boy about her cousin's tantrum and Dickon felt sorry for Colin. Dickon wanted Colin to go outside the house and see the garden. Mary tried to speak with a Yorkshire accent.

The young girl returned to Colin's bedroom and talked with him about her day. Then, he said sorry for his tantrum and Mary said her cousin could go outside the house, to meet Dickon and his friends and see the garden.

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