Friday, June 22, 2012

"'I shall live forever- and ever- and ever!'"

Colin needed to wait more than a week to go outside the house. Some days looked very windy and sometimes he looked a bit ill. Regardless of the weather, Dickon came every day to tell Mary and Colin about the moor and the garden. They planned the way that they would make to go to the garden.
Everybody in Misselthwaite knew about Colin going outside. Mr. Roach, the head-gardener, talked to Colin. The young Rajah said he didn't want anyone in the garden while he, Mary and Dickon were there, and Mr. Roach agreed.

The day after , Colin sat on his wheelchair and Dickon and Mary went to the moor with the Rajah. They showed him everything and about how  Mary discovered the secret garden's door. Then, Mary showed Colin the door and they went into the garden. And Colin realised, he would live forever and ever and ever.

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