Friday, June 22, 2012

"It has come!"

Colin's doctor came to Misselthwaite Manor. Mrs. Medlock told him that Mary made Colin feel better. Then, doctor Craven (he was Colin's cousin too) entered the boy's bedroom. Mary was talking about the bulbs and flowers in the garden and when the doctor arrived there, she stopped. Colin said to the doctor that in one or two days he would go outside the house.
Doctor Craven was shocked. He couldn't belive the boy in front of him was saying something like that. Doctor Craven said Colin should go out with Mary AND his nurse, but the boy didn't want to. He said Mary and Dickon would take care of him. No nurses or other people. The doctor agreed.
The next day, Colin woke up happy. Happy about everything. Then, Mary entered his room and said springtime arrived. She said the garden was beautiful.
After Colin and his cousin had breakfast, he said to his nurse that Dickon would come and he should go to his bedroom imediatelly.

When Martha's brother arrived, Colin was impressed. The three children talked for hours and hours and they saw Colin's books.He said he would see the garden and Mary said he certainly would.

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