Friday, June 01, 2012

"'I won't' said Mary"

After lunch time, Mary asked Martha to tell Colin she couldn't stay with him that afternoon- Dickon and Mary had lots of work to do. She returned to the garden and finished her work.
Then, she came home and met Martha. The young maid said Colin was vexed. Mary went to Colin's bedroom. He was in his bed, not in the sofa next to the window, where he used to stay. Colin said he wouldn't allow Dickon come if his cousin continuated to stay with Martha's brother and not with him. 
Mary was annoyed. She and Colin fought and Mary said she would never say anything with Colin, not even a word. 
She left her cousin's room and met Colin's nurse, who was laughing. She said the fight was good for him.
Mary recieved, from Mr. Craven, some presents. If she hadn't fought with her cousin, she would have them to show him.

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