Thursday, September 15, 2011


Reading is a fantastic adventure where we can imagine different places and characters. 
There are books that make us imagine more than that. They make us feel excited and we can’t stop reading them, like the following stories.

A fantastic book, where we discover that there’s magic everywhere-even while  reading. Meggie, a twelve-year-old girl, discovers that when her father reads aloud, the story comes alive. Then, she also discovers that she has the same talent.
Unfortunately, when she was just three, her father read her mother into a book called Inkheart (it was an accident). Nine years later, they started looking for Meggie’s mother and met different characters, some real, some unreal.

The 39 clues series
Amy and Dan Cahill, two Bostonian children are looking for clues. These clues are part of a hunt, prepared by Grace, their dead grandmother. Some other members of the family are in the hunt too. They visit different countries around the world with their au pair (a nanny) called Nellie Gomez. All the other members of the family have money or parents or both. They are the only team that doesn't have these resources.

Percy Jackson’s books 
Those books are a very interesting mixture of history and the modern world. A twelve-year-old boy, called Percy Jackson, who has lots of problems at school, discovers that he’s a semigod, half human, half god. His father is Poseidon. He goes to a camp called Camp Half Blood and meets other teenagers that are daughters and sons of the Olympus’s gods. Percy meet a girl called Annabeth and a boy called Grover. Grover is half goat, half human. Throughout the series, they confront monsters and evil semigods.

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  1. I'm reading Inkheart for the second time and I love it even more. I think Elinor's reactions are hilarious.