Thursday, October 06, 2011


Our world is turning into a modern world. And this world is made of GIZMOS like…

The iPod
This is a gizmo on which we can listen to music, watch videos and listen to the radio. There are lots of types of iPods:
The iPod touch- you can listen to music, watch videos, listen to the radio, take pictures, write notes and surf on the Internet- just by touching the screen!
The iPod nano- you can listen to music, watch videos,  listen to the radio and see photos. You can do those things by touching the small screen.
The iPod shuffle- is the smallest iPod made by Apple. There’s no screen-  just the command buttons to listen to  music or to the radio.
The iPod classic- you can listen to music, the radio, and watch videos. There are iPods classic that have 160GB!

The Nintendo Wii
This is a videogame where you can create your own profile and play different games. You can drive a car, play with Mario or even help Mickey! Some fantastic games:
Cars 2- Learn how to be a secret agent with Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell, two British secret agents. Choose which character from Cars 2 you want to be and unlock levels. You can also play with other people.
Wii Sports Resort- Choose a game and start to play! On this awesome island, you can play basketball, ping pong, practice Frisbee, archery, cycling and more!

The Nintendo DSi XL
This is a portable videogame, where you can play  different worlds. On the Nintendo DSi XL, you can draw, take photos, surf  the Internet and chat and play with other people! Here are some cool games:
New Super Mario Bros.: Help Mario  rescue princess Peach! Browser got her and you are the only one that can save her! Travel through eight different dimensions and find Peach! 
Cooking Mama: Learn how to make 72 recepies from all over the world with Mama. Get good grades an trophies and play with other people!

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