Friday, September 06, 2013

The Story Behind a Painting

It isn’t rare that people visit art galleries. But it is absolutely amazing the number of people who stop to appreciate artwork.

Myself, as an example, don’t really imagine how, why, where or who the painter drew. I just look quickly around the pictures in the room and search for the ones which catch my attention. But I have never stopped to think what the person in the picture was doing, and what it meant to the painter.

Actually, it would be exhausting and boring if we looked at painting by painting, one by one, and tried to imagine a story for each of them. People often think they need to go through all exhibitions in the gallery, but we’re not supposed to do so. That’s why these galleries are divided into levels and rooms, according to the year and technique used in the artwork.

The fact is, that we should start trying to find out what’s behind the painting, what the painter is trying to show us, not just walk randomly through the gallery, just because you paid a lot to get in. Just make your ticket worth it.

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  1. I always try and imagine the story behind the painting. A chance to dream,imagine and travel....