Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Olaf - "True love is putting someone else before yourself." 
Anna - "Olaf! You’re melting! "
Olaf - "Some people are worth melting for."
- Frozen, 2013 

The Disney’s Animation Picture “Frozen” from the year of 2013 tells the story of two princesses, who need to overcome the distance and mystery between them to save their kingdom.

Elsa and Anna are sisters and princesses of Arendelle. Elsa is the older one, and was born with powers which allow her to make ice and snow. Once, playing together, Elsa accidentally hits Anna in the head with ice, what makes her pass out. From this day on, they are prohibited to see each other, and the sisters become more and more distant as time goes by.

Three years after their parents’ death, Elsa becomes queen of Arendelle, and the same day, Anna falls in love with a prince called Hans. At the night Ball, the couple asks for the queen’s blessing, who refuses to give it saying that Anna can’t marry someone she just met. The sisters start to argue and Elsa freezes the whole kingdom. The people at the ball start to fear her, and she runs away. Anna leaves the castle to find her, and asks Hans to stay and take care of the kingdom.

On the way to Elsa’s new palace, she meets Kristoff, a young man who helps her. They both find Olaf, a snowman, a recreation of one which Elsa and Anna used to play with. They all try to convince the cold queen to return, but she refuses and accidentally hits Anna in the heart. Kristoff takes her to talk to his troll friends, who think they are engaged, but help them to find the cure: an act of true love. Then, he takes her back to the castle, to get kissed by Hans, who just acted he liked Anna to be part of the Arendelle royalty.

At the end, Olaf finds Anna, almost dead, and helps her get warm , while Kristoff returns to the castle to kiss her (they both discover they are in love, thanks to Olaf and Kristoff’s reindeer). Unfortunately, he doesn’t make it, and Anna turns into ice. Elsa, realizing she caused her sister’s end, starts to cry, which is an act of true love, and makes Anna ‘return to life’. Together, they discover how to bring summer back, and Elsa is the queen again and Anna stays with Kristoff, happily and frozenly ever after. 

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