Friday, December 11, 2015

A Recipe

A good amount of anything you like
Some patience
A handful of nice people

Blend every single bit of life in a cake.
(Re)build broken hearts
Carve some pumpkins for fun
Check if everybody’s fine
Chop the grief away
Close it in a safe place
Cover faces with cheer
Cut revenge out your life
Decorate your soul with affection
Divide moments with others
Drop a spoonful of sunshine everywhere
Fold your secrets and keep them somewhere safe
Follow yellow brick roads
Insert new people
Leave pain alone
Make friends
Melt joy into ice cream topping
Mix the sad and good times in a bowl
Open your mind up to new experiences
Pack everything together and travel
Paint the smiles you saw
Pour some laughter in
Prepare yourself for change
Push away what made you cry
Raise a glass to toast life
Reduce the tears
Reheat passion
Replace sorrow
Salt the sweets
Season your routine
Separate what is right from wrong
Spread love
Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon
Stuff your heart with tenderness
Surround yourself with good people
Taste different, new things
Tie yellow ribbons
Twist and shout
Warm some cookies until they almost melt.

Wrap everything up with some gift paper and place it under the Christmas tree.

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