Friday, June 10, 2016

Our eloquent silence

“Silence is the residue of fear. Silence is the Rwanda genocide. Silence is Katrina. It is what you hear, when there aren’t enough body bags left.”

- Clint Smith

To say nothing
And remain quiet
Is a powerful thing.

It may be one’s sentence to death
Or one’s sentence to jail.

Silence is

As eloquent as any good speaker
As loud as any scream.

Silence is

An answer just like any other
A ‘yes’ or a ‘no’
And all the arguments that explain a decision.

Silence is

You in a confrontation
Ignoring those whose voices are muffled
By the influential ones.

To say nothing
Is more
than saying too much.

Silence is

To reduce yourself to nothing
To be afraid to speak up your mind
And to shut yourself from what happens around you.

Silence is

To accept any form of slavery
To maintain the world as it is
And to exterminate words.

All the things we wanted to say

 but never did.

From now on
Let silence only be

The sound of peace at dawn.

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