Friday, November 18, 2011

Too young for this, too old for that!

Too young for this, too old for that!

Have you ever thought about (or heard) something like that?! That we can’t do some childish things and we can’t do some adults’ things?! It’s the truth. The (sometimes) ugly truth.
Situation one-you’re in the shopping mall, opposite a store of childish things. You ask your mother, if you could, please, have the CPLT (Cute, Pretty, Little Thing) in the  store . Then, your mother says that you’re too old for that, you’re a teenager! That it's childish!
Situation two- there’s your favourite clothes shop in the shopping mall too. There’s the most beautiful and fancy dress you ever seen . You beg your mom to buy it, to use it at Christmas or New Year. She says that the dress is too short and you’re too young to wear the dress. She also adds that she’ll never buy something like that in her whole life.

Looking and reflecting on these situations, we come to this conclusion: this phase of life is something between being a  child and being a grown-up, this phase is called adolescence. And, in some situations you’re too young or too old for that.

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