Monday, July 23, 2012

"'Let them laugh'"

Dickon looked after the Secret Garden, but he also took care of a small garden near his family's cottage. There planted he potatoes, cabbages, turnips, carrots and herbs. When Mrs. Sowerby had time, she stood with Dickon there.
One evening, Mrs. Sowerby met her son in the little garden. Then, the boy told her the whole story of the secret Garden: how did Mary found the key, the pretty Robin, Colin, his tantrum, Ben Weatherstaff...
Dickon said Mary and Colin acted every day, and they had a lot of fun doing it. Colin complained with everone and when he and his cousin arrive at the Garden, they laugh a lot.
The two cousins grew stronger and faster, but they were always hungry. Then, Dickon's mother had an idea: bake some bread and send some milk to Mary and Colin, so nobody would be hungry and they could continue acting. For that, Colin and Mary gave Mrs. Sowerby some money.

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