Monday, July 23, 2012


When Mary and Colin arrived at Misselthwaite Manor, Dr. Craven, Mary's cousin doctor, was waiting for Colin. He said the children were late and, if it continued, he wouldn't let Colin go to the gardens. The young rajah said he wasn't tired and he would go outside even if the doctor don't agree.
Mary said she felt sorry for doctor Craven, because he needed to be educated for ten years with a rude boy (Colin). They talked about it and Colin concluded he would stop beeing rude and would go to the Secret Garden every day. They talked about Magic: the good magic from the garden where nobody was allowed to go in.
The months passed, and the garden was turning more beautiful day by day. Colin thought about the Magic and realized he would learn about it. Then, Dickon, Mary, Ben Weatherstaff and the young rajah sat in circle and they started to do some "Magic": Colin sang about the Magic in the garden, in his feet and in Ben Weatherstaff's back.

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