Tuesday, December 02, 2014


It started with drawings, balloons and nap time. The world was red, yellow and blue; cookies and muffins, teddys and dolls, marys and johns. The very hungry caterpillar.

Then, there was cursive, and handouts, and jelly, and
Mrs. D
Mrs. F-F-I
Mrs. C
Mrs. U
Mrs. L-T-Y.
Mrs. Homework, Mrs. Bicycle, Mrs. Ma-Til-Da.

It became more purple, green and orange; more reading, more writing, more tests, more parties, more music, more dancing, more teenage - understanding.

It turned into salad, and Fitzgerald, and Dickens, and Plato; It was exchange, and kisses, and crying, and drama, and powerpoint, whatsapp, and gym.

The mess finished, for another one to start: straight aways and gap years, unis and lectures, career and choices. Only carry ons, and not a single “put off”.

Nice to meet you, Mrs. Life.

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