Monday, December 01, 2014


I don’t know, but I feel like most people’s favourite things have a sentimental meaning: we all love a certain piece of clothing, a letter, an old ring. Well, I really like one of the walls in my room.

It started like this: a small Indian-like girl enters a recently opened book shop in December of the past year, holding quite a nice sum of money, because the cinema ticket was way cheaper than she thought. She was immediately attracted to the DVD section on the ground floor, and started looking through the movies. She found one, her father always said that he loved, and decided to bring it home. Yup, that’s me. And yes, that’s how my (now composed by something around 50) DVDs collection began.

Then, there’s the boredom of summer holidays, when everything possible to do has already been done. Christmas and New Year’s had already passed, my piano songs were all learned, school stuff was bought, books were read, movies were watched, travels were travelled, potatoes could be still called potatoes. My summer days were still full of emptiness, when, going through the internet (on a site called weheart it, that is now my absolute love), I found some pictures of idols of mine, of favourite actors, actresses, directors and movies. I had to have them printed, they just couldn’t remain in an abandoned folder in the cellphone’s gallery. Luckily there was a wide, blank, ready to be filled space, between the two book/DVDs’ shelves in my room, perfect for a photo collage. It was the end of my music playlist and bored and long hours, with nothing to do. Now, I have all of my famous best friends (you may also know them as Robert Downey JR. and Keira Knightley, among others) in my bedroom, making it more colourful and happy.

Every time I look at that wall, I feel serene, calm. I feel excited, nostalgic for all the movies I can’t watch right now, and even for the ones I haven’t watched yet. I feel like I can do anything and I am amazed, with how movies changed my life.

I feel happy, just like an ordinary person, loving their vintage ordinary favourite ring.

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