Thursday, November 15, 2012

Heroes and Villains of Inkheart

We often think that heroes are people that always do the right thing and help the others. But we’re wrong.
The heroes in the book “Inkheart”, by Cornelia Funke, aren’t super heroes, like Batman or Superman. We also can’t say they are “normal”: They don’t spend the whole story doing good deeds and helping people. Nor even the villains from this book can be “normal”.

*     The heroes:
The heroes in this book aren’t really easy to find. They are the characters Meggie, Mo, Elinor and Farid. We can say Meggie’s a heroine because of her courage and determination when she was trying to escape from Capricorn’s hands. Mo is also a hero because of his intelligence and affection with Meggie, Teresa (his wife) and Elinor. Meggie’s Grandaunt, Elinor, becomes a heroine when she looks for Meggie and Fenoglio and we can also say Farid’s a hero because of his enormous courage.
      The Villains:
The Villains in this story are Capricorn and Basta. They are from the book “Inkheart”, but live in our world. We say they are villains because they kill people or make them villains. They kidnap people and they did that with Meggie.

*     Some different people:
There are two characters in this book that are really strange: Dustfinger and Fenoglio. We can’t consider them heroes or villains. They’re in the middle of these two categories. Dustfinger, because he sometimes helps Mo and Meggie, but sometimes he betrays them. Fenoglio is also a character that is neither a hero nor an evil person because he helps the main characters, but in his book (he’s the author from “Inkheart”) he kills Dustfinger. Fenoglio says: “He was such a brilliant character, but I needed to kill him, just because of that.”

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  1. Beautifully written, Sophie!
    I really loved how well you defined each character's role in the books!
    I myself am a big fan of the Inkheart series! All characters are very complex and difficult to define, but your analysis is simply perfect!
    Well done!