Sunday, November 25, 2012

Put your records and headphones on

 “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” – Victor Hugo

Since prehistoric ages, people listen to music. Babies, children, adults, lawyers, teachers, doctors, British, American, Italian and Chinese listen to music. Music is probably the only thing that doesn’t make crazy, that can makes us feel calm, happy, excited or faithful.

Here I’ll write about teenagers and music. Despite all the “types” of different teenage groups and ages, music is certainly something which brings them together into one large group. The best part of it is finding out that your favorite song is also someone’s favorite song. Oh, and wondering how can Taylor Swift describe your entire life in lyrics, or realizing teenagers also like The Beatles, sometimes more than teens did in the 60’s

Examples of the importance of music are films: without soundtrack, they become monotonous, boring, or just impossible to understand.

Looking back to the past, we can see music had been through lots of changes, but has always entertained people. Through music – hearing, playing, singing, dancing writing or discussing it – you meet other people, get to know them and become friends. Music is almost something magical, which gives life another meaning.

That’s why the best advice someone can give you is to put your records and headphones on – even if it is a cloudy, miserable day-, because life is a journey through music.

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  1. Wow, I really enjoyed reading your post!
    And I absolutely agree with you on every point!
    Listening to your favorite song brings the same joy as eating some delicious chocolate, doesn't it? ;)

    And very well observed, nothing would be the same without music. As you said it yourself, we can only imagine how boring a movie would be without a good soundtrack to provoke all those emotions!