Friday, November 16, 2012

I had never felt so nervous before in my life

“Passengers and crew, the airplane is ready to take off”, announces the pilot. Something moves inside of me, as soon as I hear the message. Am I excited? No. Happy? Impossible! Maybe nervous and afraid, probably so anxious and fearful I can’t do anything.

The safety belt sign turns on. My level of adrenaline may be as high as the airplane will be in some minutes. The plane approaches the runway. I start counting slowly: 1, 2, 3… We’re going faster and faster and faster, my heart beats faster too.

Suddenly, I feel weightless, ungrounded: the airplane is flying! I take a long breath.

You may be asking right now, why am I so nervous. The answer: the last time I was in an airplane, the pilot had a little accident and some difficulties with a tropical thunderstorm. Since this episode, every time I have to stay more than two hours inside a vehicle or something, my face goes white and I freeze.

Then, I say to you, my dear reader, that you’re wrong. The time you feel more nervous is not the time you live the danger. That’s why the last time I was in a plane I wasn’t nervous, but afraid. And I have never felt so nervous before in my life than right now, while we’re landing.

It doesn’t matter if you count until 1 000 000 000, or close your eyes and think you’re in another place, start to sing, watch a film, start to pray or sleep.
The moment you feel more nervous is the time after the danger, when you go through the same situation, and realize it can happen again.

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